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Drill Сверла specializes in supplying a full line of industrial and contractor cutting tools to distributors across the Russia, United States and the world, providing on-time deliveries and technical expertise, helping our customers do their jobs more efficiently, and saving them time and money.

Our Mission:


We constantly strive to provide outstanding customer service and to provide the best product at a competitive price.

Why Сверла 

  • We have been in the tool business since 1923.

  • We work hand in hand with our distributors by maintaining the inventory they need for just in time delivery.

  • Plants in the Russia, USA, Europe, and Asia are producing our products and shipping to us on a daily basis.

  • Products include drills, taps and dies, reamers, end mills, carbide burs, countersinks.

  • We have a 98% fill rate, and offer same day shipping.

  • We have 14,000+ items in our catalog.

  • Many of our standard items are considered “specials” with other companies.

Featuring items

Contact Us

Сверла хвостовиком

г. Мурманск, ул. Академика Книповича, д. 5

( с 05:00 до 22:00 ) ( с 05:00 до 22:00 )

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